What to expect after your treatment

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You may feel some stiffness or soreness after a treatment which should subside within a day or two.  This is due to your body making small adaptations or, where forgotten muscles are starting to respond.  Often it can feel as if you have been to the gym for the first time in many years.

Please drink plenty of water before and after your sessions to ensure you are suitably hydrated.  This will also help your body naturally flush out any waste from the tissues.

"You may feel somewhat misaligned,

Welcome to the body's natural stance!

Embrace the change - allow the change"

You should avoid the following activities for up to 24 hours:

      - Carrying anything heavy

      - Avoid strenuous exercise

      - Overworking mentally or physically


The body should be given time to adapt to the changes made during your sessions which will allow optimal recovery.