Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy is about creating and hosting a sacred space to assist in healing the mind and body.

“In the beginning was the stillness of all that is. The stillness moved and there was sound” (Elyse Betz Coulson)

Sound is a physical energy, mechanical wave, a vibration caused by movement.  Without movement there is no sound. Sound is movement.  Sound creates physical vibrations in the body.  Sound encourages energy flow and healing whilst a deeper level of self-awareness is achieved.  Sound moves the mind into an alternate state of consciousness.

Sound HEALING sessions (one-on-one or small groups of family/friends) are general wellbeing sessions designed to take your mind, body, spirit into a deeply relaxed state.

Sound THERAPY sessions are available on a one-on-one basis only as they are more personal deeper designed sessions which should be undertaken on a regular basis until the objective of the sessions is achieved.