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New premises!

So many therapy cabins to choose from, so whilst I love the clean lines on this one, I love the one my husband found. You will get to see the one chosen once it has arrived and built.

Despite the let-down of the place I was working towards moving into shortly, I always believe in being positive because changes happen for a reason. I might not agree or understand the reasoning, but I accept it and move on.

To avoid any potential more disappointments, my very supportive husband made an immediate decision to have a therapy room built, amongst nature and in a very quiet location.

The groundwork of private parking and access pathways to the purpose built log cabin starts on the 4th April. Exciting times. I am hoping to open the premises officially from 1st July 2019.

Till then, I am now going to work from home and am offering you half price treatments/sessions. This will give you an introduction to what I can offer whilst keeping my mind, body and spirit moving forwards and getting The Body Clinic St Anne's our there locally.

Looking forward to meeting you soon



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