Weekly Special Offers & Promotions

20 mins sessions £20 (min booking of 3 per session) 

30 mins session £35 (min booking of 1 per session) 

60 min session £45 (min booking of 1 session) 

75 mins £65 (minimum of 1 session)

Sleepy Sundays

Minimum 3 x 20 minutues booking 

To enhance relaxation & relieve tension to aid in restorative sleep. 


Warm Epsom salt foot cleanse & rub  

to help you ground, centre & relax                                                              

Aromatherapy back & shoulder massage  

to aid in relaxation,  promote sleep, calms anxiety


Indian head, neck and face massage 

to relieve stress & relax the mind and body


Cranial Sacral rebalancing

to improve the physical & psychological relaxation responses   

Hopi Ear candling

to soothe, purify, relax & calm the mind.                                                      

Magical Mondays

30 mins (cupping, deep tissue, head & face)

60 mins (Swedish)

75 mins (Hot Stones)

Studies demonstrate that massages are effective treatments for reducing stress, anxiety, pain & tension. 


Cupping massage

of the neck, back & shoulders                                                                      

Deep tissue                                                      of the back

Remedial / Swedish massage

whole body

Hot stones massage 

whole body                                   

Head and face massage

includes sinus releasing techniques                                                          


Turbulent Tuesdays

30 mins (Qi Qong, Anmo Fu)

60 mins (Foot Reflexology, Detox treatment)

An MOT on the body’s organs & systems

Qi Qong                                                           Improves the function of the internal organs                                            


Anmo Fu

Encourages good blood & lymph to the body organs


Foot Reflexology

Stimulates the body into self-healing                                                          

Detox (Cupping & Anmo Fu)                           assists in the removal of toxins from the body                                          

Wellness Wednesday

Minimum 3 x 20 minutes booking 

Treatments designed to bring calmness & balance the mind & body

Hopi ear candling

A gentle massage of the ears aiding sinus or ear issues                             

Arm & hand massage

Improves circulation & range of movements                                 

Foot and leg massage

Relieves fatigue & loosens leg muscles         

Indian head massage

Reduces headaches & encourages cerebral fluid circulation                              

Lymphatic leg drainage massage

To aid toxin release & boosts the immune system                                    

Targeting Thursdays

1 x 30 minute minimum

Intervention on the stubborn areas

G5 vibratory massage

For cellulite or muscle tightness


Deep tissue massage

For specific areas of need                        

Sports massage

Pre-event, post event or rehabilitation on areas needed

Thermotherapy back massage

Hot & cold stones used to release stiffness, spasms or injury                             

Gua Sha

Increasing blow flow to troubled areas to help relieve discomfort           

Feel Good Friday

30 mins (Indian head, Hand & arm, Leg & foot)

60 mins (Gua Sha, Foot reflexology)

Your time out time

Gua Sha facelift

Chinese therapy to improve circulation   

Indian head and neck massage                    Relieve aches & pains; promotes healthy scalp & hair


Foot reflexology massage

Pressure points used to stimulation the body’s reflex points


Hand and arms massage

Improves circulation & range of movements


Leg and feet massage

Relieve fatigue & loosens leg muscles


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