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Had the most AMAZING treatment by Carole this week, cannot just call it a massage. Had energy moving where there was such pain and has been there for years.  She is back from Dubai, now living in St Annes, has her treatment room behind her home and on ground lovel. the energy of loving care is wonderful.  I cannot wait for my next appointment.

Val  June 2019

My feet and legs feel great, thumping worked a treat - just what I needed after my clinic. Thankyou  

Hema  June 2019

I am feeling much better.  Even dared to go out and dance on Thursday and I didn't regret it!  My neck feels good, back 90% and only minor temporary headaches every now and then. There are times where I am forgetting I didn't feel well at all for weeks.   Voodoo, magic, listening to the body, KORE, Cupping. Whatever you want to call it - it is amazing!  I'll keep watching my body this week, but  keeping my next appointment with you.   

Sandra  February 2019

I had 3 sessions in total with Carole for lower back and knee pain.  I was very pleased with her professional and friendly service.  She listened to me and did an assessment before treatment without consulting her previous notes, giving us an unbiased result.  She gave me some exercises to do, so I could take responsibility for my own health.  She gave me great education enabling me to look after myself in the future.  Thank  you Carole for an excellence service.  You just know how to "push my buttons!"   

Ankia  February 2019

Ooh I will happily stick my tongue out for you.  Its amazing what a tongue can tell you.  My breathing feels really good after today.

Angela Aug 2018



Fabulous person with great facilities.  I'd highly recommend Carole to anyone suffering with old or new injuries. 

Cha November 2017

Such an in depth understanding of body anatomy and Carole’s ability to comprehend and interpret the challenge you present her with is just amazing.  I cannot recommend her skills in healing highly enough.  Her passion and caring about you as her client is very evident.  An incredibly safe pair of hands to have on your side.  

Susan 2014

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