Covid-19 Update


Good morning

Following yesterday’s announcement by the Government on Covid-19 The Body Clinic must remain closed until restrictions lifted. Once the full extent of the risk has been assessed and I am able to fully reopen the clinic I remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of both clients and myself.

During these uncertain times it is evident of the increases to our mental and physical wellbeing and it is with that in mind that I want to post regular updates and information sheets. You will find them useful as aids to help any physical or mental health worries you have and be assured I am here for you all.

You can find below the links to my Facebook page, Website, Instagram, Twitter and Email.

Kindly forward any or all of these to your family and friends that you think may benefit from them. I will also be taking calls from Monday 18th May between 9AM and 4PM (7 days a week) for anyone who needs remote help for aches and pains or just wants to talk. Until then, please stay safe and I am looking forward to seeing you all back in The Body Clinic as soon as possible. Instagram: