Sports Massage

Specific techniques and stretches to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain.  

It increases power, endurance, and flexibility both before and after an event or workout

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Pre Event Massage

Aims to

  • Create a state of muscle readiness by stimulating circulation & generating new blood supply of oxygenated blood

  • Reduce tension and increase flexibility in tight muscle groups

  • Decrease anxiety and nervous tension

  • Enhance a state of focus and concentration

  • Primary objective: for the client to feel that their body is in the best physical shape


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Post Event Massage

Aims to

  • Assist in the cool down process

  • Relax tight muscle groups

  • Stimulate circulation

  • Reduce potential soreness     

What is a “Sports Injury”?
Sports  injuries  result  from  acute  trauma  or  repetitive  stress associated  with  athletic  activities.   Sports  injuries  can  affect bones  or  soft  tissue.   Can  be  caused  by  participation  in  a sporting event. 

After care
Pre event, post event and between training massages  
FITT training advice (Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type)
Principles of training advice (speed, stamina, suppleness, skill)
Rehabilitation advice and exercises


Regular  massage  usually  means  those  treatments  offered  at  beauty  spas  or  relaxation  clinics.  


Both environments offer valid treatment for overworked, stressed muscles. However, sports and remedial massage differs in both its purpose and the techniques used. While nearly all massage therapists can perform regular massage, only those with specific sports massage skills are adequately equipped to perform a sublime sports massage.  


It is essential that the sports therapist has an  in depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology but also have a good understanding of the demands being asked of the body for specific sports.

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