Audio Sonic

Is an application of infrasonic sound waves to stimulate blood flow deep in the body tissues

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Audio Sonic Massage therapy is the application of infrasonic sound waves of a carefully selected frequency, intensity and proven effectiveness.


The waves stimulate the blood flow deep in your body tissue and begin your natural healing processes. Audio Sonic Massager sound wave pulses are conducted through lymph and spinal fluids, cartilage, muscle tissue and bone. 


The pain relief may take longer but over time it can be more effective as it actually treats the affected area.

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The fact that Audio Sonic Massage Therapy creates waves which can conduct through such a wide variety of tissue types is what makes it so effective and unique.



  • Stimulates sluggish circulation

  • Spot reduction of fatty deposits in conjunction with other treatment and advice

  • Increases heat to the area due to the increase in blood flow

  • Speeds up cell metabolism

  • Relieves muscle tension and pain

  • Stimulates and relaxes nerve endings

  • Promotes a relaxed feeling


 Treatment time

Is totally dependent on your treatment needs.  Frequent use improves results. Suggestion is for 2 or 3 treatments per week.


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