Sports "Tens" Pain Relief

Ideal for pre & post event sports minimising injury occurence rates

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The Tens machine is extremely safe and has a number of practical functions. 


Ideal for pre and post-event sports use minimising injury occurrence rates and helping to relieve muscle soreness while the TENS pain relief function will ease aching and discomfort.  The massage setting offers the perfect end to a long, hard stressful day 



  • Pain relief

  • Improve muscular performance and endurance

  • Incorporate as part of your speed, strength, power or resistance training

  • Increasing recovery rates from sports injury



  • Relaxing massaging

  • Beauty treatment functions

  • Sports stimulation


  • Sessions can take up to 60mins, and should be done frequently to achieve maximum results.

  • For chronic conditions, the machine is available for one week hire.

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