Holistic Pain Management

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What is pain and why do we experience it?

Pain affects many people which imposes distress on them which then puts a considerable burden on society without any suitable definite treatment found.


Whilst the medical science profession moves forwards quickly, trying to identify and prescribe treatments, society is becoming more aware of the older traditional healing therapies and methods.


Holistic pain management is about seeing and treating pain not only as a physical condition but as an emotional and a spiritual one as well.

"It is extremely important that we do not fixate on the symptomatic pain, but look to find the source of the pain"

The increasing need for pharmacological agents for the suppression and management of pain has a knock-on effect of creating increasing levels of chemical toxicity where the body ability to produce and release its natural pain management chemicals is reduced.  Modern day allergies, digestible and inhaled chemical and substances also contribute to the imbalances seen daily in our bodies.


As more and more people seek to choose to take more responsibility for their holistic health rather than developing a full reliance on the medical system, we, as a society, are becoming more aware that we can influence and therefore improve our health by analysing our lifestyle choices.  By addressing the negative aspects found within ourselves, by improving our diet and nutrition, our levels of exercise, how we cope with stress and how we choose to live our lives generally, we can improve our health and we can hope that in the future that holistic treatments can be used alongside or as a replacement to orthodox medicine.

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