Indian Head Massage

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Balance the body, relieves pressure and soothes away tension

Indian Head Massage is a rich Indian tradition of family grooming, developed by women who used different oils to keep their hair in beautiful condition, strong and lustrous.  The massage is now practiced by barbers and masseurs and differs from the treatments performed by the Indian women in that it is mainly an invigorating scalp massage designed not as a beauty treatment but to stimulate and refresh you.


Benefits of Treatment

Indian Head Massages balance the body, relieves pressure and sooths away tension, so we can breathe, stand and move more freely.  It is a soothing and relaxing treatment, allowing you to   escape the stresses and strains of daily living.

Indian Head massages can improve scalp conditions like Alopecia Areata (small areas of hair loss on the scalp) and Dandruff.  It can also help to clear sinuses and airways.  The usage of oil is optional.  Oil can help with some scalp disorders, promote hair growth, slow down hair loss and leaves the hair in shiny vibrant condition.


Treatment time

A complete treatment involves the face, scalp, neck, shoulder and upper back areas.  The condition of the scalp and hair can also be helped, especially when oils are used as a medium. 

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