Swedish & Remedial Massage

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The common and best know type of massage in the West

It is your first massage to get when you are new to this. It can be slow and gently, or vigorous and bracing, dependant on your requirements. Choose from a full body or specific areas massage.

Why have a massage?

  • Escape from your day to day stresses and relax in the right environmental mood setting.

  • Increase your sense of wellbeing.

  • Create an uplifting feeling which can often bring about by the smell of the oils.

  • Break down fatty deposits and cellulite.

  • Have an overall stimulating effect on your body.

Can massages help ailments and/or conditions? If so which ones?






Frozen Shoulder           




Sports Injuries             

Joint Injuries             

Muscular Cramp


Slipped Disc                 

Foot Pain                    

Tennis & Golf Elbow

Painful Jaw Joint             



Poor Circulation

Stroke Rehabilitation      


Muscle Spasms         

Cramp……… and many more


Are there any contra Indications

Preventative or restrictive contra indications will be discussed during your initial consultation.


What is the treatment time? 

Timings are totally dependent on your treatment needs and costs.  Please bear in mind that frequent treatment improves results.   To help you decide on what areas you would like to include in your massage, the following is provided as a guide: 

  • Neck, back and shoulders

  • Legs and feet

  • Arms and hands

  • Full Body                  

 Appointments are now available by calling me on 07881812427

2019 Body Clinic, St.Anne's-On-Sea. Appointments by Request.