Anmo Fu

A deep oil based abdominal massage focusing on the abdominal region

"the engine of the mind and body"

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Is an ancient healing system based on Chinese theories that our internal organs control and enhance our psychology and physiology.


Poor diet, stress and emotional trauma lead to a great deal of torsions in the bowel area, causing a long list of seemingly unrelated problems. The list is endless!


What does Anmo Fu do?

  • Clears blockages, stimulates the flow of energy and promotes good health.

  • Helps the body to “repair” the internal organs and digestive system due to stress, accidents, trauma, worry and or operations.


Can it help my condition?

  • 99% of disease comes from Qi or blood stagnation. 

  • Pain = stagnation.

  • Toxins in the blood challenges the body’s immune system which the body can “hold on to” for many years which can cause many illnesses and conditions.  

  • If different areas have varying degrees of temperature where the blood and Qi cannot flow correctly, this can also cause lower back pain, infertility, sexual problems, fibroids and other painful conditions.

  • Food stagnation is a big cause of fatigue.


How does it work?

  • Palpation and muscle testing is done to diagnose bowel torsions, trapped gas, blocked faeces, toxin build up, dysfunctional valves and water retention. 

  • The areas worked on include the Liver, Gall Bladder, Xiphoid process, Aorta, Stomach, Spleen, Houston Valve, Ren, ICV, Kidneys and Adrenals.

  • After the abdominal massage treatment, the muscles and organs are retested to prove therapeutic intervention to you and also to make you aware of the changes made in your body.


Anmo Fu can help many conditions like -

Acid build up                                     


Back ache


Bowel problems                                

Blurred vision

Blood pressure                                  

Carpel Tunnel syndrome                  


Concentration problems                   




Fever & Flu symptoms                     


Fluid retention                                   

Headaches & Migraine                      


Infertility problems                          

Joint problems                                   

Kidney issues

Mental instability                              

Neck pain & tension                          

Poor diet

Psoriasis & Eczema                           


….. and many more

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