Sports Therapy

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Qualified and accredited Sports Masseusse

Sports Therapy is currently unregulated, so the title of Sports Therapist does not legally confirm a therapists qualifications or experience. 


I have received a level of training with a required wider set of skills, supporting knowledge and certifications which has to date, included

Anatomy & Physiology  

Sports Massage level 3  

Ethics & professionalism  

Advanced manual therapy skills  

Injury assessment and treatment  

Gait analysis

Rehabilitation from injury

Taping for sports


My personal direction for Sport Therapy is to offer you my skills in assessing, fault finding, biomechanical manipulation, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation. This will help you in performing physical functions whether it be sporting or daily activities.

Please call me on 07881812427 if you require any assistance 

2019 Body Clinic, St.Anne's-On-Sea. Appointments by Request.