Anmo Fu

A deep oil based abdominal massage focusing on the abdominal region

"the engine of the mind and body"

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The techniques used is done through muscle testing and palpation where I am looking for any imbalances of the internal organs and reflex points.


A specific massage is then carried out to unwind all the different fascia and connective tissue to remove the stress and tension out of the area.  This facilitates an increase of the flow of body fluid and blood, balances valves in the digestive tract and increases the absorption of nutrients which immediately increases energy.


This treatment is well known to help with conditions like:

Bloating and weight gain

Constipation, IBS, Crohn's



Body aches and pains

And many more…..

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The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine embraces the understanding of the internal organ emotional relationship of balance and conditions.


This treatment ensures that all organs are operating efficiently with space to breathe and a good supply of blood and lymph.  Its aim is to release all the twists and torsions in the bowels while balancing the internal organs, clearing trapped toxins, restrictions and releasing waste products - thus creating a fantastic system for treating many stress, bowel, lower back and emotional problems.

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