Muscular Skeletal Screening

A specifically designed screening & treatment protocol.

For gym members, corporate clients and the general public

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This functional muscle power testing protocol highlights injured and imbalanced areas.  Any weaknesses found directs me to any restrictions in your nerves, blood or Qi flow (usually spinal, pelvic or digestive). 

Treatment is initiated here, and the power is retested to ensure successful recovery has been achieved.   Treatments can include:

  • Gentle pelvis and spinal release

  • Spinal and cranial energy release

  • ICV balance

  • Specialised dry massage release techniques

  • Mobilisation and joint release

  • Anchoring and muscle enhancement techniques


This treatment assists a wide range of conditions covering neck, back, shoulder and leg problems, digestive issues, immune system problems leading to asthma, colds, fatigue and many other issues.


You are retested at the end of your treatment to prove your increased power and physical/mental improvement. This is a ‘fully clothed’ treatment system enabling it to be delivered anywhere, at any time, to anyone!

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2019 Body Clinic, St.Anne's-On-Sea. Appointments by Request.