Acupuncture recommendations by the NHS

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/acupuncture/ Only a couple of weeks now before I get to sit my final theory and practical exams to secure my full licence for Clinical Acupuncture. (Delayed due to Covid-19). Although I am a private physical practice, I will be registering for GP referral – whom are recommending that Acupuncture is a treatment specifically for […]

When can I open my clinic Mr Johnson?

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Chiropractors….. have already been regulated by the Government and the Health Services. For years fully qualified, accredited and insured Specialists, Practitioners and Therapists have been asking for the different genres of Health, Sports, Alternative and Complementary Therapies be regulated too. We are NOT general massage therapists! We are NOT massage parlours! We […]

Running safe

One thing I  noticed during the lockdown, was an increase of runners around our area during my hourly “get out of the house” time. Therefore I thought it would be prudent to pass on some interesting facts and strenghtening exercises for all runners. They can be found on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bodyclinicstannes/ Enjoy!

Covid-19 Update

Good morning Following yesterday’s announcement by the Government on Covid-19 The Body Clinic must remain closed until restrictions lifted. Once the full extent of the risk has been assessed and I am able to fully reopen the clinic I remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of both clients and myself. During these uncertain […]

To HONOUR our veterans, armed forces, medical personnel and pensioners

As an armed forces veteran, it was the X-Forces scheme that gave me the backing and support to open my clinic in June 2019. So I was extremely pleased to report back to them recently to give them an update that despite no real advertising of the new clinic, word of mouth has got around […]

The clinic is finally open!

Groundwork done. Cabin build done. Furnishings done. So its time to open the doors a week early. Please contact me by mobile, facebook, website or instagram. Bookings are now being taken. I look forward to meeting you soon. Carole

The Body Clinic will open the doors into its new premises from 1st June 2019

The official opening day for The Body Clinic, St Annes has now been confirmed. As a proud veteran of the Royal Air Force, I would like to provide ongoing support to our Armed Forces, Veterans, Emergency Services & NHS Staff by offering 10% off any sessions or treatments you receive from me. Not just the […]

New Premises

Despite the let-down of the place I was working towards moving into shortly, I always believe in being positive because changes happen for a reason. I might not agree or understand the reasoning, but I accept it and move on. To avoid any potential more disappointments, my very supportive husband made an immediate decision to […]

Body Gua Sha Training

I loved the training on Facial Gua Sha late last year, and enjoyed it so much that I booked in to learn the art of Gua Sha bodywork. The certified training was completed yesterday and a fellow local therapist came with me, where we had learnt a lot and had plenty of opportunities on practicing […]