Welcome to The Body Clinic

I am a qualified and accredited Sports, Alternative & Complementary Therapy Practitioner and a Consultant in K.O.R.E. Therapy®

My career path started in H.M. Armed Forces of which I am a proud veteran.  After suffering a life threatening stroke some years ago, I quickly began to realise that as part of my rehabilitation it was important to focus on my own health before helping others.

Without doubt alternative and complementary therapies helped my recovery as my interest in the ‘how and why’ of my body breaking down, helped me change my career path to help myself and now you.

My journey began with an introduction to Reiki and energy work, followed by body massage courses.

This progressed into completing my Level 3 Sports Massage qualification as general massaging was not letting me fully explore the breakdowns of the body.

I then trained in other genres of alternative therapies, including Reflexology, Stress Management, Acupuncture and K.O.R.E Therapy. You name it I have studied it! I became, and still am, a dedicated learner. 

I have undertaken yearly CPD workshops, training courses or research.  I have worked with and taught by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Korean and Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals.

Fast forward to now from closing my well established succesful clinic in Saudi Arabia, to re-opening it in my home town of Lytham-St-Anne’s. 

Whilst I am forever learning and looking to improve my knowledge of what has been a fascinating timeline from recovery, I learn something new every day,  

But I also learn a lot from YOU!   

This knowledge is now accessible to you, for your treatments, where I look forward to meeting you soon.

A selection of our reviews

Can’t wait to book in with Carole. She got me through the London Marathon pain free!

Sarah (July 2019)

Happy chest, happy me!  Wishing you a good day…..  cannot say thankyou enough for yesterday.

Sue (March 2020)

My feet and legs feel great.  Thumping them worked a treat – just what I needed after my clinic.  thankyou

Hema (Nov 2019)

Swollen foot. Needles in. Foot swelling down.  Never ever thought I would be an advocate for acupuncture but acting as a pin cushion gave me massive benefit today.  Soooo many needles but it worked in 40 mins and the fluid build up started disspating. Magic!

Susan (March 2020)

I feel much better. Even dared to go out and dance on thursday and did not regret it. My neck feels good, back 90% and only minor temporary headaches every now and then.  There are times where I am forgetting I didn’t feel well at all for weeks.  Voodoo, magic, listening to the body… Whatever you want it call it – it is amazing. Thankyou

Sandra (Feb 2019)

Carole is highly recommended. Sorted out my body during gruelling marathon training with a combination of techniques and I had no problems at all on the day. She is very knowledgeable and treats the causes of the issue rather than just the symptoms.

Catherine (July 2019)