Welcome to the Body Clinic

A qualified and accredited Acupuncturist, Sound Therapy, Sports, Alternative & Complementary Therapist. My main goal is to look for the root cause of your symptoms, condition or illness.

This is achieved by getting the body to focus on its own imbalances so it can repair itself through a series of protocols of “searching – thinking – challenging – comparing – testing – asking – proving”  where we evaluate your body’s chemical, psychological and physiology responses.

“No treatment you receive from me will be the same.

I use every genre of therapy available to me to ensure you get the best treatment outcome”

I look forward to meeting you at The Body Clinic

A selection of our treatments


ACUPUNCTURE is carried out by inserting small needles on specific areas of the body which promotes recovery, assist in pain […]

Body Clinic Signature Special

During this session, you will be assessed and treated dependant on the needs of the day. Your session may include […]

Consultation and 1st Treatment

An initial medical questionnaire is automatically sent to you on booking in for your first consultation and treatment.  Once completed […]

Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life for most people.  Sessions are designed to help you understand your triggers and how […]

Sound Healing & Sound Therapy

Sound is a physical energy, mechanical wave, vibration caused by movement.  Without movement there is no sound. Sound is movement.  Sound creates […]

Qi Qong

Qi Qong is a mind and body treatment that improves ones mental and physical health.  Its strengthening and harmonising movement […]

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